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Generous Saints: Congregations Rethinking Ethics and Money

saints.jpg (69615 bytes)The fourth book in the Money, Faith, and Lifestyle Series is a constructive theology and ethics of money in Christian life. In Generous Saints: Congregations Rethinking Ethics and Money, James Hudnut-Beumler deals with such vital questions as "What does the Lord require?" "What is the true meaning of the word 'commonwealth'?" and "How does the church build a stable base for its members to live ethical lives?"

This is a book about money and its place in our lives and in our churches. It is not a book about how to get more money for the work of the church. I think, however, that better support for the mission of our congregations is one result of becoming clearer in our thinking about money. But I also believe that if we think we can just jump in and talk about stewardship and fund-raising in today's churches, as if all that is needed is to uncover a few more strategies, we are kidding ourselves. The issues surrounding money and Christian discipleship go much deeper.

The time is ripe for congregations to rethink their understandings of how we ought to live faithfully in a material world. The Christian tradition teaches that we are created to be generous in spirit and called to become more holy throughout our lives. The central question of this book therefore involves ethics and money: How shall we live with what we have? How do we live up to our calling to be generous saints? (From the preface)

Published by the Alban Institute in 1999

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