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Bible gum

Bible gum

As other objects on this site show, Americans have a deep respect for the Bible, which may be why it is often used for selling things. From Bible board games to Bible software to Bible t-shirts, anything with a scriptural text is thought to guarantee its success in a consumer market. Some of these items are designed for evangelism, while others may simply serve as a talisman for the owner.

Inside the metal box of this Bible Gum are ten smaller boxes containing two pieces of gum--"One to Chew, One to Share." When you unfold the box you find a scripture verse--in the box pictured, the text is "Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come." (Matthew 24:42) Best of all, the gum is sugarless and will not promote tooth decay. It is distributed by Life Lines, Incorporated, of Homer, Alaska.

The Bible Gum was a gift to the exhibit from Leigh Schmidt, a Project scholar from Princeton University.

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