Material History of American Religion Project

Picturing Faith: Religious America in Government Photography, 1935 - 1943

The Material Religion Project is on the road! 

We are sponsoring a photography exhibition, featuring representations of religion in Depression-era government photographs. The curator is project scholar Colleen McDannell, who has been studying pictures taken by photographers who worked for the Farm Security Administration. The forty-five photograph exhibition shows religious life in the thirties and forties and examines how the photographers presented religion to meet their own goals.

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For Further Information:
Dr. Colleen McDannell
University of Utah
Department of History
380 South 1400 East, Room 211
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-0311
Phone: 801-581-4748

We hope you'll consider bringing the exhibition to your school or community. It is one more way to get in touch with the American religious experience.

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